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“We can relax a bit now!”

Chris, Alfreton

Chris and his wife Lucy were delighted to receive the keys to their new Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) home. “Our old rental was really damp,” says Chris, “I’d privately rented for a couple of years, I’ll never go back now.”

They are settling in well to their new home in Alfreton, part of a development in the north of the town: “The carpets are on order, and once they’re down we can fully unpack. It’s so great that it’s ours. We can do what we want, like decorate without having to ask permission.

“We saw the house online. We had been looking to buy outright, but this seemed like a better way to get more for our money. We’ve taken out a mortgage for 50% of the property.”

Newly weds, the couple have been able to buy a three bedroom home, with room to grow. Chris comments: “We seriously saved! We took on loads of overtime and used money given to us as a wedding gift.

“The mortgage payments were not a problem because we earned enough, it was the deposit that was stopping us. But for this house we were able to secure a mortgage for 50% of the property’s value with only a 5% deposit which made it much more affordable.

“We’d heard of shared ownership before, but hadn’t considered it for us, until we saw this house advertised. We love that it’s a new house. We’d had such damp problems in the past and we didn’t want to buy a house with lots of work to do.”

The couple were so sure that the house was right for them that they bought off plan. “We got the plot we wanted, with a nice big garden. It’s the first house on the scheme to be completed which was great as we were desperate to get out of our old house.”

Chris speaks very highly of the scheme: “Moving house is expensive, you can spend £1,000 just moving to a new rental. I’m now telling my mates, you’re better saving a bit more and getting the deposit together for a shared ownership house.

“We plan on going up to 75% ownership in a few years, we just need to save up a bit more first.”

But for now, Chris and Lucy are having a well deserved rest: “We got married in August, found this house in September and moved in in December. We’ve been so busy and worked so hard to get this, we can relax a bit now!”

Nottingham Community Housing Association has properties available for shared ownership across the East Midlands. Take a look at our available properties