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23 January 2020

"It’s time to stand on my own two feet."

Vicki’s new home is a symbol of her new-found independence.

When her marriage fell apart she lost the security of the family home. Her new shared ownership house has given her and her children a new start in life and she’s now looking forward to the future.

Vicki met her husband fifteen years ago and since the birth of her first child she’s been a stay at home mum. Financially dependent on her husband, it was his job that provided the family with a four-bed detached house. She explains: “I ran the house and he went to work.”

Then the bombshell hit. The marriage was over and the house was to be sold. “The kids were devastated and so was I”, she explains.

Vicki came away with a share from the house sale, but it wasn’t enough to buy a family home outright in a Derbyshire village. Without a job, Vicki had no prospect of securing a mortgage and she didn’t want to put all of her money into private rent.

Vicki had never heard of shared ownership before, but her ex-husband helped her to find a new home.

She paid for 75% of the house outright and now pays rent on the rest out of her Universal Credit benefit payments. “Without shared ownership I wouldn’t have had a chance at home ownership. I can’t get a mortgage, so the scheme was fantastic for my situation. It ticked all the boxes”, she said.

A new year and a new decade, Vicki is now looking to the future and a new career: “I have been out of the job market for such a long time, I have a big hill to climb.” But she wants to become financially independent and to secure a mortgage on the rest of the house: “I want to turn my life around. It’s time to stand on my own two feet.”

Vicki admits that a smaller house has taken a bit of getting used to, but she loves that fact that this one is hers: “Paying the bills myself, looking after the house, it’s a lot of adjusting. But I am determined to remain positive and turn this house into a home.

“Financially shared ownership has made sense for me. I can now go back to being that person in control.”

Nottingham Community Housing Association has properties available for shared ownership across the East Midlands. Take a look at our available properties.

NB: The name has been changed and a stock image has been used to conceal our customer's identity.