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“We thought we’d left it too late.”

Alan, Mackworth, Derby

Recently retired, 65 year old Alan thought that home ownership was no longer an option for him. After years of saving he had managed to get together enough money to buy a property outright, in a cheaper part of the country, but despite extensive searches, nothing he found seemed right. So with his wife and teenage daughter he began to look at properties available with shared ownership in their home town of Derby: “We looked at a couple of properties on the market, but we liked this house the best.

“It’s in a great location, on the edge of the country park and, close to our daughter’s
school. It’s a lovely open housing estate, and the beauty of a brand new house is that there’s no decorating to do!”

The house, a newly-built two bedroomed property is part of a new development, on the edge of Mackworth Park. It is one of a number of shared ownership properties on the estate available from Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA).

Owning his own home was important to Alan: “I didn’t want to live in someone else’s house anymore. We’ve only been here a couple of weeks and already it’s home, because it’s ours.”

Alan was aware of shared ownership. He’d spent a lot of time researching how best to get on the housing ladder, and what would make the most financial sense. In the end he opted to buy 35% of the NCHA property outright, and now pays rent on the remaining 65%. With his wife Melanie still in work, the couple plan to increase the percentage of ownership and will look at taking out a mortgage in the future.

The couple have high praise for the process: “NCHA were absolutely brilliant! Our daughter is autistic and Sandra was so helpful. She arranged additional visits to the property so that our daughter could get used to the change. It has been a great move for her, she is so much calmer here than she was in the old house. She has a lovely big bedroom and has already started to decorate it herself.”

On shared ownership, Alan comments: “We would definitely recommend it to others. It’s your own property – but affordable. We wanted to settle down, and now we can. We don’t have to move again now. Moving into a newly built property is great because everything is new. And with it being part owned by NCHA they pay for the building insurance.

“We thought we’d left it too late to get on the housing ladder, but shared ownership has made it possible.

“I’d say to anyone considering shared ownership, ‘Don’t be scared, it’s easy. It makes sense.’”

Nottingham Community Housing Association has properties available for shared ownership across the East Midlands. Take a look at our available properties