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Rent and Service Charges

How Your Rent Is Set

Your rent is based on the share of your home that still belongs to NCHA. Your lease will tell you how much your rent is at the start of your lease, and how the rent is reviewed.

Housing associations are required to set shared ownership rents which are affordable to people who cannot afford to buy a property outright.

Rent Increases

NCHA will review your rent every year, usually in April. You will be given at least four weeks notice of any increase in your rent. Your lease sets out the maximum increase that NCHA can make to your rent.

Methods of Payment

You are required to pay your rent monthly in advance by Direct Debit through your bank. If your rent is increased, NCHA will change the Direct Debit to the new amount.

You may also pay by ‘swipe card’. Payments must be made monthly at Post Offices, e-pay or Payzone outlets. Please contact us on 0345 650 1204 for full details.


If you are having difficulty paying your rent please contact your Housing Officer immediately. Early contact will avoid your arrears becoming too serious. We would discuss your income with you and set up a payment plan that is achievable. We would also advise you of your options and any benefits that you may be able to claim.

If you have arrears on your rent account, you may be charged interest as stated in your lease.

Service Charges

You will be charged an amount for services provided by the Association. This will include the cost of the following services where they are provided:
  • Buildings insurance
  • Maintenance of communal gardens
  • Cleaning communal areas
  • Repairs and maintenance of the structure of the building, in the case of blocks of flats
  • Electricity charges for communal lighting
  • Sinking fund for the long term repair and replacement of major items in the building in the case of blocks of flats and/ or on the estate
  • Health & Safety checks
  • NCHA’s management charges
  • Audit fees
This list in not exhaustive. There may be other items particular to your scheme. NCHA will notify you at least four weeks in advance of any proposed increased in your service charge.

Service Charge Accounts

Service charge accounts for your scheme will be prepared and audited annually. A copy will be sent to you along with a summary of your rights as leaseholders.

Surplus or deficits on service charge accounts

In February each year, we estimate the likely cost of your service charge for the coming year. We base this on the actual spending from the previous year and take in to account any other relevant information, such as proposed maintenance works, the financial climate, etc. We try to be as accurate as possible, but there are always factors that cannot be predicted.

In April, at the end of our financial year, we will go through all invoices for each scheme and provide the accounts to be audited. If we have overestimated the charge we will refund you. If we have underestimated, we will let you know how much needs to be paid. Any deficit will be added to your rent account, and should be paid promptly; otherwise you will be charged interest. We only charge you what we have paid out on services. We do not add on any fees or look to make any kind of profit.